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Administrative Leadership

Gary Corbin, Founder & President

Cleo Brown, Chair of Governance & Committees

Tonya Ellerby, General Manager

Jim Mileski, Special Projects Coordinator

Isauribel Gomez, 2021 Fellowship Recipient - International Media & Human Rights

Michael Segun Smith, International Media & Arts Management Fellow

Robert Calp, Publicist (Montreal, Canada),



Jeremy Brooks, Corporate & Community Relations Committee

"I work as a Certified Prosthetist at Nevada Orthotics and Prosthetics. However, I am also a proud husband and father of three wonderful children who live in Vegas with me and my wife Kari. After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science and Health from the University of Utah, I studied prosthetics at the University of Connecticut, graduating in 2003. I completed my prosthetic residency in Las Vegas in 2004 and continued practicing here for 12 years before being offered a position with the military. While working with active duty servicemen and women, I was able to learn and practice high-tech, prosthetics while handling complex cases such as multiple limb amputation and heterotopic ossification (HO). Being asked to serve on Globescope's Governance Council is quite an honor. As a tri-lateral amputee myself along with my professional experiences, Gary felt I had a unique perspective that would help Globescope with its mission and vision.

Cleo Brown, Education & New Media

"I have worked with Gary Corbin for many years as a Globescope employee and volunteer. My journey began as a Production Assistant and worked my way up to House Manager, Stage Manager, Project Manager and now I am on the Board of Directors. I have found my participation in the arts to be a rewarding experience. One early memory is when I performed a monologue in an annual competition where I took eleventh place out of 106 people. Tom Hanks took first place. In college, I took drama under David Purdy at Columbia Community College in Sonora, California. I also attended UC Davis and the University of San Francisco where I earned my B.A. and M.A. and worked on a Doctorate. In addition to being a published author, I have been interviewed on Sirius Chicago Radio as well as on European and Japanese Television as a Homeless and Supportive Housing Advocate. I have also interviewed several people, including Gary Corbin, for Story Corps

Richard Krelstein, Business & Strategic Planning

"I have served as a president and CEO for numerous companies, where my experience in business strategy, planning, mergers/acquisitions, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, and manufacturing have led multiple turnarounds for domestic and international companies. I also have decades of experience in advising entrepreneurs on starting and operating a business, guiding them through acquisition, or selling the business. While I focus on long-range goals of companies, I also believe the most important assets are management and employees. I have mentored presidents of many small to mid-sized businesses and aided them in business planning, increasing market share, operations, and logistics audits, as well as market penetration. My background is a range of industries including military/government, gift wrapping/greeting cards, packaging, and retail. I decided to join the Globescope Governance Council in part because of the enormous amount of pleasure and excitement this unique and much-needed company has the potential to deliver. Being able to help people who need it is an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience."

Cathy Madison, Special Projects, Talent & Audience Development

"I hope to be a life-long friend to Globescope and have always believed in the mission of this company and its Founder Gary Corbin. I wish to offer my unique professional and personal experiences to help Gary, an impassioned and relentless advocate for making performance art 100% inclusive to those with physical and mental challenges. Having worked two very different careers in both theatre and fundraising I have found my most compelling experiences to be those that have had an immediate and direct impact on others. One of my many experiences in theatre included working with a nationally-recognized director to adapt and revive a lost Zora Neale Hurston script called Polk County, which went onto successful productions on the east and west coasts and brought a new perspective to Hurston's significant contributions as a playwright. For this project, the director and I won the Helen Hayes Award for Best New Musical. As a grant writer, it is always gratifying to see a grant I worked on turn into a tangible project or product that serves elderly citizens, impoverished young people, fair-housing for the poor and addresses other issues facing communities in need."

Harley Spiller, International Performing, Literary & Visual Arts Programs

"I am proud to be on the Globescope Governance Council because Globescope is a platform for artists who might not otherwise be heard. All humans are equal and the biggest joy is in showing up to help again and again and again. My proudest personal moments revolve around my wife and our child. The highest on-the-job accomplishment is helping others and the most rewarding on-the-job moments are the smiles that our work can engender. I hold an MA in Liberal Studies with honors from the New School for Social Research and a BA in English Literature from Northwestern University. My career is focused on providing a platform for people who might not find one on their own. My work is international. As deputy director of Franklin Furnace Archive, we support avant-garde artists from all four corners of the earth, and as an artist, I have presented programs across the USA and from Caracas to Copenhagen. Placing collections I've built in permanent museum and university collections is extremely rewarding. I hope to keep the Globescope sphere spinning strongly and push forward its mission to support artists of every stripe."


Kyle Coles (New York, NY). District Leader, Primerica

Sophia Valera Heinecke, Director of The Creative Center (New  York, NY)

 Jim Mileski, (Bridgewater, MA) Retired. Former Contracts Manager for Old Colony Elder Services 

DaShawn Pretlow, (New York, NY), CEO & Founder, The D. P. Companies, (New York, NY)

Binnie Wilkin ( Las Vegas, Nevada).  Nationally Renowned Storyteller. Author. Librarian, Educator


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